J. Downs Law Moves to Historic Spicer House

Local attorney Jeffrey S. Downs has called Mullica Hill home for over two decades. His law practice located in town represents individuals and businesses in various areas, specializing in real estate, business, and employment matters. Jeff has practiced law in NJ, NY, and PA, often residing in each state to establish his practice, although Mullica Hill and his Historic Spicer House have always had him gravitate back to his homestead on Main Street. Mr. Downs has recently moved his Law Offices to the magnificent Spicer property. His plan is to maintain living quarters on the property for his time in town.

The Spicer House is a charming 18th-century colonial home once owned by the prominent landowner and early settler Jacob Spicer when the area was known as Spicerville. As the current steward and owner Jeff spent years restoring the interior and exterior gardens to their celebrated glory – retaining features that make this property historic and special such as low ceilings, multiple wood-burning fireplaces, early hardware, front and rear stairways, random width pumpkin pine floors, a built-in safe, and the simplicity of the woodwork from that time.

Jeff opens the Spicer House to host several fundraisers throughout the year. His home is a must-see stop on the annual Christmas House Tours taking place this Saturday. If you’re in town be sure to enjoy this special tradition, now in its 48th year! Tickets are available here. Another wonderful event at the Spicer House is the annual Spring Social and Garden Tour Fundraiser benefiting a local animal rescue. Stay tuned to Happening in the Hill for details on future events.

Jeff’s passions outside of law are fundraising for historic and social causes, including animal rescues, spending leisure time on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and our historic Main Street. Jeff has played an instrumental role, both on a personal and professional level, in developing and rehabbing older properties in the Hill and bringing them back to their historic charm suitable for their new stewards. He recently sold his beautifully renovated coffee shop and his previous law offices located on Main St. He remains committed to future development endeavors on his beloved Main Street so keep an eye out for projects with the distinctive Jeffrey Downs style.

We wish Jeffrey continued success at his new location and look forward to his future projects on Main Street.


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